Jimo Borjigin's study has been blown out of proportion

Lately more than a few major media outlets such as the BBC have been publishing articles surrounding the discussion of scientists who have apparently come to the newly arrived conclusion that ‘Vivid experiences in near death survivors may happen due to a surge of electrical activity in the brain.’

This was on the basis of a study they conducted in dying rats at the university of Michigan. As quoted from the lead author of the study Dr Jimo Borjigin ”A lot of people thought the brain after clinical death was inactive or hypoactive, with less activity than the waking state, and we show that is definitely not the case.”

The reason as to why the media has blown this out of proportion is inconceivable to me, as anyone who has a specific interest in this area and has done a little research will know that studies of a similar nature have been carried out since the early 1980’s by those such as Michael Persinger the developer of the ‘Koren Helmet’ who claims that all major functions of Near Death Experiences can be simulated by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the Temporal Lobes. Persinger’s work is based on the premise that abnormal activity in the temporal lobe may trigger a Near Death Experience.

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